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Are You A Mind Reader?

One of the things that humans are fantastic at is mind reading and creating meaning from something without an iota of evidence to back it up. Sound familiar? Let me share some examples.  You call someone and they don’t return … Continue reading

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Are You Addicted to Busyness?

What is it with our society that it is so good to be busy? “Are you busy?” is almost as popular a question in our country as “What do you do?” To reply, “no I’m not” or “I am busy … Continue reading

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Inner Tug Of War?

Do you ever find that an inner part of you just won’t budge? It’s like it’s dug its heels in and refuses to do what it is ‘supposed to do’ or you want it to, however much you cajole or … Continue reading

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Lap Dancing Funds Education

Research by Leeds University has shown that one in four lap dancers have a university degree and 76.4% said they were happy with their work and not exploited. Nearly a third used the work to fund education – they get … Continue reading

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Is Your Work Like A Carpet?

Work can be wall to wall, can’t it? If you find yourself staring out of the window, it is more likely to be because your neck is stiff from sitting at the computer for a long time than you chose … Continue reading

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Want To Keep That Holiday Feeling?

Where did August go?! Welcome to September – kids are back to school and you are back to work and my blog had a 2 week holiday too, so is refreshed with new words. How can you keep that holiday … Continue reading

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