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Endings And Beginnings.

Do you find life sometimes is full of endings and beginnings at the same time? This week an ending is that I am doing my last ‘Steer your career workshop’ to help professionals who have been made redundant. Over the … Continue reading

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From Fixed Grin To Wry Smile?

Is your face aching from that fixed grin? That expression that says ‘I am happy to have a job, but I am sick of doing 3 jobs, having no pay rise, little feedback or praise and I would like to … Continue reading

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What Rubbish Do You Utter?

Life is full of ridiculous sweeping statements. An apt expression since a lot of them are rubbish.  ‘All bankers are greedy.’ ‘Creatives are temperamental.’ ‘A lot of comedians are manic depressives’.   I went to a networking event last night … Continue reading

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What Gets Your Goat?

I caught myself being a very grumpy arse this morning. Steam was coming out of my ears faster than a train and Puff the magic dragon for anyone old enough to remember got a run for his money. The cause? … Continue reading

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