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What’s Your ‘Plan B’?

If you got made redundant tomorrow, what would you do? I’m not trying to be a miserable kill-joy, it’s something worth thinking about so you are not caught ‘on the hop’.  Keeping your CV up to date is one thing. … Continue reading

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Are You Sleeping On The Job?

Apparently 3 out of 4 workers get less than the recommended eight hours of sleep a night, with worries about job security being a factor (Source Travelodge research). If I was an inventor, I would invent an off button or … Continue reading

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If I could wave a magic wand, I would change one thing. It would be for people to say what they really feel, true, raw and honest. I am a Northerner stuck in a Southerner’s body and perhaps my work … Continue reading

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Why People Are Like Vegetables

I am heading to my allotment to water it with no prospect of rain in sight,  and am pondering the thought that people are like vegetables. They need watering. Different people need to be watered in different ways as they … Continue reading

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Have You Got A ‘Chip On The Shoulder?’

It’s a weird expression isn’t it; ‘Chip on the shoulder’. I don’t know where the expression comes from and whether it’s a “a bit missing kind of chip” or a potato chip?!  My interpretation of what it means is that … Continue reading

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How vulnerable is it wise to be at work?

Showing vulnerability creates trust and builds relationships but it also creates risk and it can be abused in the wrong hands, so what is the right measure? I was ‘very closed’ when I was younger and didn’t trust people easily, … Continue reading

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