Client examples

Duncan Goose 2

Meaning and purpose (Duncan)

From employee to self-employed consultant (Chris)

An enjoyable second career to relish to retirement (Hannen)

A mid life career reinvention (Anne)

Child friendly self-employment and getting started (Sarah)

Defining USP (Alison)

Employment to contracting (Tony)

Evolving business focus (Lorna)

Family friendly business (Francesca)

Hobby into a business and child friendly (Martin)

Leaving corporate life – portfolio career (Pippa)

Life work balance – (Jon)

Persistence to realise a career vision (Anna)

Public sector to private sector (Louise)

Reposition in current employer (Rebecca)

Starting a charity (Mary)

Strength into a business (Cory)

Turning a passion into a business (Debbi)

50 something becoming self employed (Paul)

Interview confidence and overcoming employer objections (Robert G)

A dream job is possible (Emily)

A motivating second career to retirement (Jenny)

100 day support in a new role (Hemal)

From public sector to private sector (Kerry)

From civil servant to self-employment (Stephen)

We have lots of detailed case studies too. Get in touch for more information. Thanks!


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