Energise style


A unique style that is totally genuine, caring and warm. This is demonstrated in her use of language and tone of voice. Her approach is highly respectful as well as inquisitive. She demonstrates confidence and skill in her ability to focus 100% on the matter in hand and asks the most appropriate/significant questions.

She is extremely intuitive, astute and has a wonderful knack of reminding me of the ‘great’ things, i.e. achievements/successes in my portfolio of life. This always brings a smile to my face, a moment to reflect and to think: ‘Wow! yes, that’s absolutely right!’


Firm but flexible and this style has suited me very well. Very understanding and confidential – it would never have worked had I not had faith in Rachel. Rachel is very adept at adapting her style of coaching to suit different clients and needs – this makes you feel very unique.

To the point – I tend to wander & waffle! Direct and friendly plus professional. Enabling and encouraging.

Never impatient, always eager to help improve things.

Positive and very supportive without being pushy. More of a ‘friend’ than a teacher/pupil relationship.

Fantastic! Rachel’s friendly and personal professional approach made me feel completely at ease from the outset and enabled me to be honest with both Rachel and more importantly myself. Also a combination of formal and informal tools and techniques enabled me to choose those which I felt best suited me.

I’m sure Rachel tailors her approach in the way that she has taught me to. It was spot on – the balance of support vs. direct coaching couldn’t have been better.

Down to earth, highly effective, focused and enjoyable. Pragmatic and not remotely fluffy like some coaches.

Very supportive, rational, logical, comfortable, friendly.

Very relaxed, always a positive experience – I came out of every session feeling invincible. Very humanising.

She knows when to talk and when to listen Her direct style of coaching means that the time spent discussing issues is not wasted on idle chit-chat.

Relaxed, supportive and challenging, she gives you the encouragement and impetus to move forward and achieve both personal and business growth.

Extremely friendly, focused without being pushy, demonstrates great empathy, very flexible, adapting to changing circumstances/new information, encouraging.

Facilitative, directive where necessary, great listener, successful – it gets results.

Engaging, gentle yet firm teachings along the way, she shares her knowledge through exercises and role play and eeks out one’s inner knowledge creating a fresh, constructive and new way of looking at the challenges and the stumbling blocks one has carried with them. It is an art and Rachel has it perfected.

Very calm, positive, relaxed style, take it slowly and reaches results quickly.

Practical, direct, encouraging, soothing.

Rachel is very empathetic, professional and full of practical advice and tips. She is very calming and an hour with her feels like an oasis in the frenzy of the day. She also lives up to her brand promise of energising connections!

The style for me is practical and understanding. It’s almost understated to the extent that you don’t really notice things are happening. She also has a very honest approach and can ask seemingly simple questions that really make you think in a different way.

Great, friendly, focused, extremely resourceful and full of ideas.

Lively. Clear communicator. Some useful ideas, quite assertive, purposeful. Good tools and pointers.

Non-confrontational, sell not tell, firm but fair.

Insightful, productive, time efficient, broad awareness of models and techniques, ability to coach through the individual or to provide answers when required.

Supportive, constructive, consultative, well paced, flexible, theory informed and reflective, respectful.

Very effective, with the right balance between understanding my nature and skills, and how to set objectives.

Relaxed, adaptable to the kind of person she is working with, pushes you enough when you need pushing.

Source = Energise clients


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