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Back to work blues?

Kids go back to school next week and August is over.  I find that people spend time reflecting on holiday and come back to work in September inspired to make a change. It is easy to get swept up in … Continue reading

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What impact GCSE grades?

A clutch of new GCSE certificate holding 16 year olds appear on the market today, perhaps heading to do ‘A’ levels, get a job,  do an apprenticeship, or remain a NEET.  But what are their prospects? The following facts are from Cedefop. … Continue reading

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Career choices – what is a safe bet?

‘A’ level results are out today. For young people and their parents, that is one milestone out of the way in an uncertain world. But when it comes to career choices, what is a safe bet these days? Part of … Continue reading

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Career change fear?

Career change can feel like a big step at the best of times, and especially in a downturn. Career change fear is normal. So why does it feel so daunting? Here are 15 reasons: The outcome is unknown The job … Continue reading

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What’s your competitive advantage?

In times of high unemployment, frozen or restricted recruitment and a high degree of competition, you need to have a strong competitive advantage to be chosen. Here are 14 tips to help you stand out from the masses and be … Continue reading

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