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She Went With A Bang

I fainted recently and hit my head. I’m hoping it will improve me. I have been thinking a lot recently about my brain wearing out with overuse. Not wise, as it will wear out even faster. Perhaps I could buy … Continue reading

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From Fixed Grin To Wry Smile?

Is your face aching from that fixed grin? That expression that says ‘I am happy to have a job, but I am sick of doing 3 jobs, having no pay rise, little feedback or praise and I would like to … Continue reading

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Human Being or Human Doing?

POEM – BLUE YONDER As you race through life with no time to see, Don’t take leave of your senses. Take time to pause, make time to contemplate. Just being. Your awareness a gift, Your senses, tools. Appreciate all that … Continue reading

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Are You Addicted to Busyness?

What is it with our society that it is so good to be busy? “Are you busy?” is almost as popular a question in our country as “What do you do?” To reply, “no I’m not” or “I am busy … Continue reading

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