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Spider Stops House Move

A spider has been stopping my sister from moving house. Actually that’s not true. Spiders.  The shed at the bottom of her garden is looking a bit of a mess, so I asked her why she hadn’t cleared it out. … Continue reading

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Help! Taming Tricky Teenager Tips Please?!

I am ‘teenager sitting’ my nephew Joel, 13. My goodness you parents have my admiration. I don’t know how you don’t go grey the moment they shoot down the birth canal. I feel like a cross between a policewoman and … Continue reading

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If I could wave a magic wand, I would change one thing. It would be for people to say what they really feel, true, raw and honest. I am a Northerner stuck in a Southerner’s body and perhaps my work … Continue reading

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A Good CV Is Like Juiced Oranges

A good CV is like juicing oranges because you only want to have the best bits – the juice. The skins, pith and pips represent all the ‘stuff’ that you have done in your jobs, with often duplication.  A CV … Continue reading

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Ever Wake Up Like A Bear With A Sore Head?

Waking up feeling grumpy isn’t the best start to the day, especially before you disappear into the bowels of public transport or the long commute. The good news is that you can manage your grumpy bear – as if by … Continue reading

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Are You Hiding Away Your Talents?

People are really good at hiding their talents away. We all have strengths and yet most people don’t know what their talents are, don’t have jobs that play to their strengths and don’t blow their own trumpet. The result? They … Continue reading

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And I Quote “….

“The shortest way to do many things is to do only one thing at a time.” Mozart If you enjoyed this quote, why not opt in to get our free monthly bulletins which include one inspiring quote per bulletin. Click … Continue reading

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