Back to work blues?

Kids go back to school next week and August is over.  I find that people spend time reflecting on holiday and come back to work in September inspired to make a change. It is easy to get swept up in the busyness of everyday work and forget to follow through on your resolve.

There is nothing wrong with staying doing what you have been doing. Or is there? 55% of people want to make a career change but only 5% do at the moment. What are the consequences of staying in the wrong job? Here are 11 from our research:

  1. You feel stressed and out of sorts
  2. You feel unfulfilled and that you are not realising your potential
  3. You send a bad advert to your kids about making work happiness and fulfilment a priority
  4. You feel empty
  5. You get depressed
  6. You fill the gap by shopping, eating/drinking too much
  7. You grump at your partner/family
  8. You resent those who are happy at work
  9. You beat yourself up for staying in the wrong career that isn’t you
  10. You dread Monday mornings and it gets worse every week
  11. You are so tired by Friday that you don’t enjoy the weekend

So stay or go? Feeling energised in your work makes a HUGE difference to your life, all areas of it. Taking the first step can be the hardest, but if you don’t take it, nothing changes.

What have you got to lose by exploring options? Don’t be down and out.

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1 Response to Back to work blues?

  1. Check spelling of “busyness”!

    Hannen. Xxxxxx

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