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Does Coaching Work? A Client’s Story.

Hello, how are you? I am aware that many people are cynical about marketing. I am a marketer by background so I know! This has been magnified with a lack of trust about business and a cautiousness in spending.  I … Continue reading

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Why People Are Like Vegetables

I am heading to my allotment to water it with no prospect of rain in sight,  and am pondering the thought that people are like vegetables. They need watering. Different people need to be watered in different ways as they … Continue reading

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Have You Got A ‘Chip On The Shoulder?’

It’s a weird expression isn’t it; ‘Chip on the shoulder’. I don’t know where the expression comes from and whether it’s a “a bit missing kind of chip” or a potato chip?!  My interpretation of what it means is that … Continue reading

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Variety is the spice of life

Metro newspaper today in London featured research showing that over half of women are bored. Bored with too much housework and their work being the same. I refuse to iron – it’s against my principles and love linen as I … Continue reading

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