How vulnerable is it wise to be at work?

Showing vulnerability creates trust and builds relationships but it also creates risk and it can be abused in the wrong hands, so what is the right measure?

I was ‘very closed’ when I was younger and didn’t trust people easily, so gave little if nothing away about myself. Now I am much more open with people, so it has been a huge personal transformation. I am choosy about who I trust though, they need to earn their stripes!

Those I’ll tell you mine if you tell me yours” re vulnerable moments and confiding secrets or fears is a great way of creating a bond with other people. Showing vulnerability shows that we are human and brings out other’s desire to protect and nurture, and helps them realise that they don’t have to be perfect and perform all the time.

It is natural to make mistakes but in business often people cover them up for fear of looking weak and being punished, especially in the current economic climate where headcount is being reviewed. 

What is the balance between showing enough vulnerability but not too much?  What are your thoughts? One of my passions is to get fear out in the open and talked about more.



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One Response to How vulnerable is it wise to be at work?

  1. Bill White says:

    I like my colleagues to be open and honest about mistakes. I believe it makes a person stronger if they can say “whoops sorry made a mistake” Of course it is not easy to get people to own up.

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