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Pigeon holed at work?

  Call it ‘pigeon holed’ or being ‘put in a box’, it can be very annoying and restrictive. This is even more the case if you fell into your career by accident/chance, which many people do, and your job just … Continue reading

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The Beauty Of Deadlines

The 6 week timeframe to sort out the debt crisis has got me thinking about deadlines. They can be a pain but they are also very useful to focus the mind.  Work deadlines under pressure imposed by someone else can … Continue reading

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Do You Love Your Job?

You do? You’re kidding right? Oh you’re the one. You see it’s a bit like relationships – there are lots of ‘all right ish’ ones but ones that are brilliant are as rare as a nesting osprey. If you are … Continue reading

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From Fixed Grin To Wry Smile?

Is your face aching from that fixed grin? That expression that says ‘I am happy to have a job, but I am sick of doing 3 jobs, having no pay rise, little feedback or praise and I would like to … Continue reading

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Want To Bump Off Your Boss?

  Tempting? Many people are having to re-apply for their own job in the public sector. If you were to apply for your own job now, would you, or would you rather have your boss’ job? It might feel like … Continue reading

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Ever Encounter ‘Sod’s Law?’

Do you ever encounter ‘sod’s law?’ You work really late to perfect a presentation and then it’s cancelled. You don’t take a great job at another company because you have your eye on your retiring boss’ position and then they … Continue reading

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