Want To Keep That Holiday Feeling?

Where did August go?! Welcome to September – kids are back to school and you are back to work and my blog had a 2 week holiday too, so is refreshed with new words. How can you keep that holiday feeling?

My lovely cat Thelma has been staring at an ant on the kitchen floor for the last 15 minutes, absolutely enrapt in the moment. “So what” I hear you cry, what’s so interesting about THAT INANE DETAIL to blog about it, for goodness sake, don’t you know how BUSY I AM going through all my e mails?! 

Well, Thelma isn’t living in the past or worrying about the yet to be revealed future, which she can’t change, she’s just enjoying being in the moment. Being in the moment is where happiness happens. When I stop being busy and focus on the here and now, it is a simply wonderful place. Time slows down, I feel carefree and it’s rather blissful. It’s easy in principle and very hard in practice because we have so much to do and it’s very easy not to.

Ok, so how do you do it? Kids and animals are great at it, so copying them helps. Stopping and becoming more aware of what your senses are noticing helps, instead of being on rush autopilot command control. Want to read more? Eckhart Tolle “Practicing the power of now“  is a great book.

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