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Hope is not a strategy

The world of work is changing fast. Are you ready for it? Here are 6 trends from a digest of a MPF trends seminar I attended recently by Rohit Talwar of Fast Future. @fastfuture • Old style businesses could become … Continue reading

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How are you creating some sunshine in August?

August is a great time to catch up with yourself! Stephen Covey who wrote the classic book ‘The 7 habits of highly effective people’ talks about the importance of blocking out time in your diary for ‘important not urgent’ tasks. … Continue reading

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18 reasons why people stay doing a job they hate

Spring is a time of growth and new shoots. It can also be a great time to change your work, but many don’t. Here are 18 reasons why people stay put doing a job they hate: 1. Inertia 2. Fear … Continue reading

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What are the legal implications of job change? Part 2.

This is a guest blog – part 2 of 2 by Michael Scutt who is an employment lawyer. It explores garden leave, restrictive covenants and bonuses. Garden leave Another option open to employers is to place the departing employee on … Continue reading

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Second careers for lawyers

We help many different professionals and executives to change career, and especially we work with a lot of lawyers. Can you imagine a job where you have to account for every minute of your time? Stressful! In her book. ‘The … Continue reading

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Are you a silly sausage?

I had a bit of a panic this week. You know those times when you have a fast worried inner rant with yourself? I had gone to an excellent talk about career change where the presenter had shared about the … Continue reading

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What’s your personal brand?

It is important to have a niche to build your personal brand, but how do you know what niche to choose so that it motivates you and there is enough of a market for you to get your teeth into? … Continue reading

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