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Simon Strong’s portfolio career 6 of 6

This is the fifth in a series of 6 blog posts by Simon Strong about his portfolio career. Reading how people have created their own portfolio career can be useful to inspire you to create one yourself. In case you … Continue reading

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Want to work flexibly?

Today’s the day – 30 June 2014. From today, any employee who has been working for 6 months can request flexible working in the UK, whether they are a parent or carer or not. 20 million people have the right … Continue reading

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10 inspiring quotes about change

I love inspiring quotes – selective ones. It is like a well-chosen image, anything more is not necessary. Here are 10 inspiring quotes about change and attitudes to change. “Often people live their lives backwards; they try to have more … Continue reading

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Could a portfolio career make you dance?

More and more people are doing a portfolio career. Could you be one of them? This blog shares what a portfolio career is, the components and why they are growing. What is a portfolio career? A mixture of different strands … Continue reading

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Who’s your Sherpa?

I recently heard an amazing speaker at an Ernst & Young quarterly women’s network event: Herta von Stiegel. She decided she wanted to climb Kilimanjaro as a challenge for reaching 50. Not only that, but to do it taking a … Continue reading

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Pigeon holed at work?

  Call it ‘pigeon holed’ or being ‘put in a box’, it can be very annoying and restrictive. This is even more the case if you fell into your career by accident/chance, which many people do, and your job just … Continue reading

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What’s your career strategy and plan? Part 4 of 5.

This blog post is part 4 of 5 and looks at the opportunity cost for you of NOT having a career strategy and plan. “Control your destiny or someone else will.”  Jack Welsh.   Opportunity cost of not having a … Continue reading

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