Are You A Mind Reader?

One of the things that humans are fantastic at is mind reading and creating meaning from something without an iota of evidence to back it up. Sound familiar? Let me share some examples.  You call someone and they don’t return your call, so you think that they are busy or don’t care. You don’t get chosen for a project so you assume that you’re not good enough.

We do this stuff all the time and make life really horrible for ourselves because it means that we feed our brains with lots of rubbish, which fuels our active imaginations to create even more rubbish. Mind reading and making up rubbish is commonplace. The consequence is that we have less time to work towards our goals, to be and relax and have fun, and we have a cloud over our heads that inhibits our enjoyment and full engagement in life.  Since our brains have no ‘off switch’, we need to notice when we do this and try a different approach. So what’s the answer?

Well it’s three things; 1) self-awareness so you know what your main ‘buttons’ are, 2) noticing when you are mind reading and creating rubbish and 3) clarifying what the facts are.   Ask yourself this question: “In what situations am I most likely to ‘mind read?’

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