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Examined Your Navel Recently?

I took myself on an away day this week. It was horrible. I sat in the sun in 21 degrees in a beautiful garden in the Cotswolds thinking and reflecting. The fluff is pink and green since you asked. We … Continue reading

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Human Being or Human Doing?

POEM – BLUE YONDER As you race through life with no time to see, Don’t take leave of your senses. Take time to pause, make time to contemplate. Just being. Your awareness a gift, Your senses, tools. Appreciate all that … Continue reading

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Caught That Tail of Yours Yet?

August is a funny old month isn’t it? Not funny ha ha, funny peculiar, but a nice kind of peculiar. Commuting is a sprint instead of a marathon, and it’s a great opportunity instead of playing telephone tennis, to have … Continue reading

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