Inner Tug Of War?

Do you ever find that an inner part of you just won’t budge? It’s like it’s dug its heels in and refuses to do what it is ‘supposed to do’ or you want it to, however much you cajole or reason with it. Procrastination is often the consequence of resistance, but the root cause is not always clear at first and then it rises to the surface and it all makes sense. 

Yesterday I had a client who was showing resistance to taking action for most of the coaching session; their verbal energy was high and strong and then the reason for the resistance popped out five minutes before the end of the session.  The task she was supposed to do just didn’t sit comfortably with who she was – it was a provocative action when they are conservative by nature. They knew they needed to do something, it just wasn’t that. Once we had got to the bottom of what was going on – and a bit of my job is like being a detective and putting the pieces together, they worked out what was comfortable and moved quickly and enthusiastically into action, A good question to ask yourself if you find yourself in this situation is: “What’s the resistance about?”

Once I come up with a creative way for you to explain inaction at work caused by resistance to your boss, I’ll let you know! Are you resisting the change you know you need to make? This is common and I have seen resistance to change over time cause illness, depression and even fatigue syndrome, so it’s best tackled.

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