Spider Stops House Move

A spider has been stopping my sister from moving house. Actually that’s not true. Spiders.  The shed at the bottom of her garden is looking a bit of a mess, so I asked her why she hadn’t cleared it out. She replied that her car’s not big enough to fit the things in and she needed to get someone with a big car to help her. Well I’ll help you, I replied. No! she retorted The real block turned out to be the prospect of her facing the spiders. I had many a fun time chasing her as a child with a spider encased in my hand, to the backdrop of her screams. 

Why am I telling you this story? It’s because the things that stop us from doing what we want or need to are not always obvious, they can be hidden. That’s one of the reasons why procrastination happens. Blocks can be conscious or unconscious and the bigger the task or change e.g. career change, the more the blocks can get in the way and so we keep on stopping ourselves and then get frustrated when we don’t make progress.

I had a block about becoming successful because I thought I’d become busy and get stressed, which I didn’t want to be. We can keep at bay things we want without realising WE are the root cause! What do you want to change and how are you stopping yourself? 

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About Energise - The Talent Liberation Company

Talent liberator - career change, executive coaching and employee engagement. PS Love writing too and write many articles. Background in marketing and brand strategy and communication and unusual analytical and lateral brain - great for new career directions and ideas!
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