Help! Taming Tricky Teenager Tips Please?!

I am ‘teenager sitting’ my nephew Joel, 13. My goodness you parents have my admiration. I don’t know how you don’t go grey the moment they shoot down the birth canal. I feel like a cross between a policewoman and a serial nagger. How people cope with it day after day, I really don’t know, I am more of the ‘naughty auntie, teach them a few bad habits and hand them back’ breed.

Stopping a thirteen year old from spending all day looking at computers should be a career. In fact maybe it probably is; “Preventative Consultant in X Box addiction.” Any companies thinking of spending £000s on influencing and persuasion skills training, save yourself the investment and send your executives to spent a day with a sulky bored teenager.

I am ready to leave the garden of England tomorrow and return to the peaceful teenager free zone of my cottage in Oxfordshire. Bliss. Off to read my own ‘saying no comfortably’ article – give myself a taste of my own medicine!

Any tips on handling teenagers, greatly appreciated. 



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