Why People Are Like Vegetables

I am heading to my allotment to water it with no prospect of rain in sight,  and am pondering the thought that people are like vegetables. They need watering. Different people need to be watered in different ways as they have different values, needs and motivations. If only we came with an instruction manual, like a car or washing machine, it would be a lot easier. 

Put it other way, we all need ‘strokes’, but how often do we get them at work? Not enough. Some employees like to have a quiet ‘thank you’ as recognition and others want a cheering crowd and a big prize. For many employees, like the lack of rain, there’s no pay rise in sight and the prospect of a pension drought too, so watering is even more important, especially as less people are doing more work.

Watering your people is crucial for employee engagement and motivation, which directly impacts on business performance, productivity and profit. What watering are you going to do today?

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