Want To Bump Off Your Boss?


Tempting? Many people are having to re-apply for their own job in the public sector. If you were to apply for your own job now, would you, or would you rather have your boss’ job? It might feel like a bit of a trick question, as most people are doing more than one job now for the same money. This has the advantages of more variety to keep you interested but more pressure and stress! 

I find that people often stay in a job for longer than is good for their own growth. With job uncertainty about, it seems a good thing to do, but it’s a bit like wearing a suit that no longer fits with the arms and trousers too short for your body. The job that was right for you 3 years ago is unlikely to be right for you now, because we are changing and growing all the time. You could bump off your boss as they are probably sitting pretty too, but the prisons are a bit overcrowded. Could help with the rising cost of living.

If you could create your ideal job for you now, what would it be? Tip – write a job description for your perfect role and compare it with your current one.  Could be an insightful exercise.  Our free report might help you to take a step back too – click on the link to download your free copy: http://www.careerstrategies.co.uk/

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Talent liberator - career change, executive coaching and employee engagement. PS Love writing too and write many articles. Background in marketing and brand strategy and communication and unusual analytical and lateral brain - great for new career directions and ideas!
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