Are you a silly sausage?

I had a bit of a panic this week.

You know those times when you have a fast worried inner rant with yourself?

I had gone to an excellent talk about career change where the presenter had shared about the process of career change and how people become stuck, going round and round in circles.  Oh no, I thought to myself! No-one will actually pay for support if they know how to do it themselves and they can buy a book, download a free e book from the web or get help from a friend/relative.

There are a lot more competitors on the market now, which is the same for many people, so it is harder to create awareness. I was doubting my own uniqueness, something which I tell my clients not to do. Doh!

Yes, you silly sausage, there is lots of free stuff out there, but it cannot do what a good career coach brings to the process.

Below are general things that any career coach brings:

  • Time in the diary in a busy world to focus on creating change
  • A witness of the client’s expression of the desire to change
  • A step by process which helps make it happen
  • Sharing the blocks to progress which often clients cannot see as they are too close to their situation
  • Skill at listening, questioning and reflecting back key themes
  • Exercises to create awareness and clarity
  • Objectivity which someone close cannot give, because they have their own agenda and fears
  • Introduction to new contacts
  • Help marketing yourself

The presenter at the talk shared the key blocks to successful career change:

  1. Ping ponging away from avoidance of fear and anxiety about change and making a mistake and towards the desire for something compelling and back again
  2. Short term focus
  3. Linear thinking
  4. Choice overload of ideas creating overwhelm and inaction

Can you relate to these?

I felt so much better then.  Rachel, you silly sausage, remember this next time you have a panic:

  1. Courage to embrace uncertainty –  how many people take 6 months out unpaid to look at market trends to ensure their business is on track, develop skill in a new area  from a standing start (talent management) and read as many research reports as you do?
  2. Long term focus – how many people buy a house with a bus stop in their 40’s thinking ahead to when they are in their 80’s and may not have a car?
  3. Non-linear mind – how many people have your energising connecting mind, that is unique in its ability to spot insights, make connections and come up with ideas that people simply cannot see themselves? (21 in a session is my record so far)
  4. Focus – how many people have a laser focus and tools to work through and narrow down options as much as you do?

Oh yes. Fair point. And don’t forget about your 900+ quality connections on LinkedIn and huge toolbox of tools and tips. Oh yes, Forgot about that. Panic over.

So don’t doubt yourself. You are unique. Competition is increasing but you can develop your skills to build your competitive advantage and make your career change happen successfully, even in a downturn.

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About Energise - The Talent Liberation Company

Talent liberator - career change, executive coaching and employee engagement. PS Love writing too and write many articles. Background in marketing and brand strategy and communication and unusual analytical and lateral brain - great for new career directions and ideas!
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