Cabin Fever And How To Cure It

Do you find that there are certain tasks that you can procrastinate for England about rather than do? Would you rather pluck your nasal hair than do them? I am pretty decisive by nature, but there are a couple that get me dusting my light bulbs to avoid.

For me these are making prospect phone calls and creating proposals. I used to be a brand strategist in the communications industry who was kept in a darkened room and wheeled out for meetings to spout insights that would help the clients make more money. I am happy as Larry doing research and writing, but that other stuff, well I have to create the right conditions to get them done.

If you see a woman aged about 45 sitting hunched over a hot laptop on a long train route, think Stornaway to Penzance, or in a coffee shop long after the drink dregs have gone cold making prospect calls, that’ll be me. If I stayed at my home office, not only would I get severe cabin fever and start climbing the walls, these tasks would take ten times as long. What are your most creative avoidance strategies and least favourite tasks? Off to London to get on that yellow tube line.

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