Portfolio career part 2: Jenny Brewer

Jenny Brewer

This is the second in a 2 part guest blog series by Jenny Brewer.

Here is part one in case you missed it:

Jenny Brewer guest blog part 1

The rest of this blog is in Jenny’s own words.

How time flies! Another year has passed, another year enjoying my Portfolio Career – a mixture of business consultancy, mentoring and speaking skills
I have also learnt a great deal, sometimes formally, such as a teaching diploma and other times the important skills for which there’s no award or certificate but which are essential, like managing my business on my own, keeping on top of the admin, looking out for new clients and keeping in touch and up to date with the things that matter to my work.
I have also learnt to be discerning and to say “no” to those things that I no longer enjoy doing – this is one of the most difficult things I have had to do as I have spent a lifetime saying “yes” to every opportunity. Now I no longer have to do this.

I have learnt not to fear a gap in my work and to enjoy the pauses between projects as me-time – time to review how I want to go forward.

Where to Now?

Time to make some changes. After two years it is time to focus on the things I enjoy the most and those where I have more to offer. I am looking at areas where I can become more of an expert; where I can develop procedures and programs that will enable that part of my business to develop so I can go the extra mile for my clients.

Be Flexible/Be Different

I have decided that going forward I will concentrate on:

• Mentoring,
• Leadership and
• Speaking Skills

Since I started my Portfolio Career, I’ve understood how important it is to be flexible and adjust to the needs of my clients. I have enjoyed using these skills and developing them in others. I believe many professionals benefit from understanding the ability to mentor and to be mentored as well as the strength and power that comes from acquiring leadership and speaking skills. These skills help my client to focus on their own career, to ensure that they keep their career under the spotlight and to steer it in the right direction.

Times Are Changing

Several years ago when I first started, I didn’t know where my Portfolio Career would take me. During my career, I was used to making decisions, sticking with them and working hard to make them a success. Now, times have changed; now, I believe it’s ok to change my mind, to ask myself what do I enjoy? Can I change this to make it more fulfilling, more rewarding for me too?
Removing business consultancy from my portfolio will enable me to be more effective in taking charge of what I do. There will be no crisis calls and emails and no high-risk decision-making. It will also give me more time for my family.

Visit Jenny’s web site:
Jenny Brewer web site

What next?

Could a portfolio career be for you? Download your copy of our free report now:

Interested in mentoring, leadership and speaking skills? Contact Jenny Brewer: hello@achievingsuccess.co.uk

Jenny’s client testimonial

“During the coaching and even when it is finished, Rachel puts her clients in touch with valuable contacts, makes introductions whenever she can and involves her clients in projects to give them experience and add to their skills. She does everything within her power to make sure her clients succeed. I highly recommend Rachel for anyone who is stuck in their career or needs to find something new for whatever reason – she is an inspiration.” Jenny Brewer, Business Advisor & Mentor.


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