The agony of feeling trapped in the wrong career

Fed up woman with pile of paper at desk

So there you are. Feeling trapped. Feeling stuck. The agonising pain of needing a career change.

So, what do you do? Do you take action? Do you do research?

What do you do?

Is it any of these?

•You chew your pencil (there must be a few pencils still left out there in a world of tablets!)
•You bite your nails.
•You have a moan to your partner or a friend.
•You go shopping. Alot.
•You go to an expensive restaurant.
•You go to an pricey hairdresser and have a haircut and your colours done.
•You visit a Spa for a day to pamper yourself and make yourself feel better.
•Your body gets ill, waves you a ‘red flag’ and goes on strike to take you away from the office and give you some time to create the future. You sleep.
•You drink too much.
•You search for free career change resources on the web.
•You do drugs.
•You get depressed.
•You comfort eat. Multi packs are your new ‘best friend’.
•You moan to your partner or friend. Again.
•You plan a weekend away or holiday to distract yourself from how bad you feel.

And then you come back from a break and return to work and your life. Things are exactly the same. Only they aren’t. You have money on your credit card to pay off.

If you convinced yourself that you couldn’t afford to change career before, you definitely can’t now. Your mortgage is too big. Your credit card bill too large. Your tiredness and lack of energy too much to make a change.

So what do you do?

You start planning your next holiday to escape from your life and your job. A temporary refuge from the agony of being stuck in the wrong career. And feeling it is too late to do anything about it. It isn’t.

Can you relate to this? Does it remind you of someone you know; a partner, friend, family member or colleague?

If you are ready to create a virtuous circle and invest in yourself rather than keep recreating a vicious circle, get in touch. If you are not, please don’t.

What next?

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