Portfolio careerist – Jonathan Green #2

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This is part 2 of a 2 part blog by one of our clients – Jonathan Green. We coached Jon to create his second career – a portfolio career. The rest of this blog is in Jon’s own words.

To read the first part, please click on this link:

Time out for reflection

In 2010 I had a year-long sabbatical, six months of which were spent in the Outer Hebrides where I spent time writing my first book and working on songs in my recording studio. We then moved back to the mainland to have our second child. By this time I was growing as a recording artist and author but we also needed to get a regular income as publishing wasn’t paying yet – partly because I gave my music away for free! Looking back now, I don’t think that I valued my craft enough and that was something I had to confront and work through.

New beginnings – my portfolio career

I found a job working for the Methodist Church nationally to develop chaplaincy, a role that required someone who could start things from scratch. The role involved me speaking, travelling, writing a lot of material, including a course which has been published and used all over the world. The job also required us to move twice. However, in the midst of the demands of that role I managed to set clear boundaries around the time that I gave to the work, a discipline that coaching helped to develop in me. This allowed me to continue to record and release music and write. I was feeling really good about the balance between my church work, music and writing – everything was finding space, including my family, by this point my wife and I had three children under the age of five.

Career crossroads

Eventually, last summer I was made redundant, the Chaplaincy Development Project finally ran out of money. On the one hand, being made redundant was hard, because there was still so much work to do. However, on the other hand it was tremendously liberating. I felt like I had been given the gift of space and I really believed that I shouldn’t rush to find a new job. I realised that this was the perfect opportunity to jump with both feet into a portfolio style of work. My wife was offered a great job which meant that I didn’t have to find a full time paid job. I was approached by a national organisation to develop something from scratch… it was for two days a week, was home based and time limited. PERFECT! For me this was also a profound personal statement – for the first time in my life I can genuinely say that I write music for most of the time and work for the church part time. I have given myself permission to not make “working for the church” the main thing – and you know what? The world hasn’t stopped turning!

Money from music

My wife said to me recently, that if I treat music like a business then it will pay like a business. So that is what I have done. I released my first commercial single in January 2015 and I am currently working on an EP scheduled for the summer. I also have two albums in development for 2016. It has taken me eight years to get to this point, but I feel that the songwriter in me has been truly liberated and more importantly, I feel like I am being true to myself.
I am super excited about arriving at this point in my journey. So much of the thinking and insights about who I truly am: my values, priorities and vision for my life stems from the coaching I received all those years ago. I also picked up and learnt to work with a number of tools that helped me get here! Coaching has been so valuable and was worth every penny and I apply the insights to everything I do.

You can listen to lots of my music over at www.soundcloud.com/recreativemedia for free and you can buy my first Single – Rest in My Love from every online store and streaming service in the world! I live on Twitter @recre8ivemedia

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