Feeling career satisfaction?

Growing sunflowers (Better Business)
Career satisfaction is a growing movement.

There are many reasons for this including the needs, wants, and values of Generation Y/the Millennials, the growing influence of women on the workplace in senior decision making roles and perhaps that many people are a bit (or alot!) weary from the downturn years.

Research by Bruce Woodcock from the University of Kent has explored the factors that create career satisfaction.

15 factors key for career satisfaction:

1. Living near work
2. Access to green spaces or working outdoors
3. Mindfulness – being aware of what we are doing
4. Flow – being immersed in an activity we relish
5. Learning new skills
6. Having purpose and motivating work goals
7. Helping others
8. Autonomy
9. Challenges with clearly defined steps
10. Receiving positive feedback
11. Having supportive social contacts
12. Working for small organisations or self-employment
13. Realistic deadlines
14. Reasonable hours and good work life balance
15. A conducive environment to working productively without distractions

Score your current work. Give each of the 15 factors a score out of 100%.

Add up your total – maximum 1500. What does this tell you?

Our company cat can be a distraction at work, but a furry and purring welcome one. I am sure she sends e mails sometimes!

Working in many companies does not give people many of these 15 factors. Is it really surprising then, that more and more people are choosing to become self-employed, to work for less bureaucratic smaller companies and to design work to suit them – their own business or tailor made portfolio career?

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