Does a portfolio career appeal to you?

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Our last blog looked at what a portfolio career is, the components and why they are growing.

This blog shares the pros and cons of a portfolio career and some examples.

Pros of a portfolio career

• Variety & stimulation
• New experiences
• ‘Weather’ economic storms/market shifts
• Honour your different needs and wants
• Balance financial security & dreams
• Time for hobbies and travel
• Time to invest in new skills

Cons of a portfolio career

• Need to market yourself
• Need to be good at managing priorities
• Multi-tasking ability ‘a must’
• Uncertainty can be uncomfortable for some
• Can be ‘full-on’
• Have to explain to others what it means

Examples of a portfolio career

My portfolio career comprises; career coaching, executive coaching, content creation, content curation, events, writing, facilitation and consultancy.

Below are some other examples of a portfolio career.

• Lesley combines associate freelance work, a part time job and volunteers for a charity
• Ben works long hours earning for 6 months of the year to fund his travelling the world for 6 months
• John is a non-exec director and also does paid project/contract work
• Claire has 2 paid retainers, volunteers and is studying to increase her skills and marketability
• Charles Handy and his wife Elizabeth split their year 50:50. Half the year his career is the priority and the other half she calls the shots

One of the great things about a portfolio career is that you can design it to suit you and the mix of the components changes over time, so you don’t feel stale.

Last week for example, my portfolio career comprised; a 2 hour session on personal branding for women in advertising, executive coaching/business development mentoring, career coaching with current and new clients, editing some content, writing on diversity and inclusion and attending an industry awards on best practice in learning and development.

What next?

Are you at a career crossroads?

Now is a great time to take action. Career coaching helps you focus, create change and achieve more faster. Starting now, 6 weeks on a fast track programme would enable you to move forward before the summer holidays. Get in touch for more details.

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