Yes! But, but, but…..

Obstacle course 3 (2)

What’s your ideal career? Is it what you are doing now? If not, what are you doing about it?

Many people want to change career, get to the starting blocks, and then find ‘buts’ and never move any further. So how can you overcome fear?

The thing is ‘buts’ are normal and part of the career change process. Identifying them and working out how to get around them or jump over them is important.

‘Buts’ can be big or small, but they are still ‘buts’.

BUT what will my parents think?

BUT what if I make the wrong decision?

BUT what impact on my employment rights?

BUT how long will it take?

BUT where else are my skills and experience useful?

Sound familiar?

It is easier to overcome the ‘buts’ with support. Talking with friends and family can add to the ‘buts’ because they give their view and see problems and risks rather than seeing the situation through your eyes. Not everyone will welcome the change that you need, sometimes because it affects them in a way they don’t like.

A career coach like me champions you and is experienced at the process of career change and the natural fear and buts that arise. Our society isn’t especially open in talking about fear.

Some of the ‘buts’ my clients have tackled have been:

– A lawyer dealing with their father’s disappointment of not wanting to remain in the law
– A teacher sourcing a certificate from their native Italy years after doing the exam to be able to apply to do a course to retrain
– A Doctor letting go of the high regard of others ‘oh, you’re a Doctor?’ at parties

and many clients working through dealing with unknowns and uncertainties and the perceived risk in a challenging market

What would your ‘buts’ be?

Black and white thinking is common – all or nothing. In reality, there is always more than one option.

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