11 career steps to a second career

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Fancy a second career different to your first? Many people fall into their first career, so it’s not surprising that more and more people are seeking a second career.

It can feel like a void when you change career, so it helps to have career steps to pave the way to your future.

Last week I did telephone coaching sessions to prepare two clients practically and mentally in their decision to negotiate a career step in their career change.

Client A is working full time and wants to change career direction and needs to be able to do an internship in the Autumn in their new area of work. They broached the subject of a sabbatical with their line manager with 3 options. It went really well and it is looking like a ‘yes’ to the sabbatical.’

Client B’s current role is being made redundant and they have been offered alternative roles but are concerned that this is not the right choice for them and they want to take the opportunity to do something different. Result – they successfully negotiated redundancy.

Coaching is really useful to help people to prepare and think through different options, make the right decision for you and communicate this in the best way to the target audience to achieve your desired outcome.

What could your stepping stone be to a different career? In future, work will become much less guaranteed and more transient with temporary assignments the norm for many of us, so this is an important thing to start thinking about.

Here are 11 possible stepping stones to pave the way for your new career:

1. Get made redundant and get a lump sum
2. Take voluntary redundancy and get a lump sum
3. Take a sabbatical
4. Take a career break
5. Switch from working full time to part time with your current employer
6. Leave your current employer and do contracting/interim work in the same industry/profession
7. Switch from full time employment to freelance project work in the same sector
8. Help out a friend in their business to gain new experience
9. Save up a cushion to dedicate to creating your career change
10. Do some volunteering
11. Fund your own retraining while still self-employed to broaden your skills, qualifications and choices

What other career steps would you add?

If you are thinking about career change, start the career steps to your new career this August.

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