Is a new career like a marathon?


I was chatting to a potential client last week who runs marathons. How they approached the 26 mile race reminded me of people who want a new career.

Many people want a new career, but it feels so huge and overwhelming that they never start.

If a marathon runner dwelled on the fact that they had to run for 26 miles, they would probably be put off doing marathons, whereas if they focus on 1 mile at a time, the race is far less daunting.

The same is true with a new career – it is a big decision and best tackled one step at a time.

The world is changing so fast, taking this approach with a new career is wise because you can review your strategy as you go along, just as a marathon runner would depending on the weather conditions, speed of the other runners, terrain etc.

How do you perceive a new career? What would be your first step?

August is a great time to start so you are prepared and ready in September.

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