Does your job ever make you weep?

Fed up man


I had an e mail this week from a potential client. I bet some of you can relate to what they said in their e mail or know someone it reminds you of:

“I am not happy in my current role and have for a while been thinking about what to do next. I know I do not want to stay in my current profession but in truth do not know what I want to do. This has been brought to the fore last week as I was put at risk of redundancy by my employer although there are a number of new posts that I could apply for and I think the expectation is that I will take one of these. This would be the easy option but I think will still leave me wondering ‘what if?’

‘What if?’ is a hard one isn’t it? It is in the future and an unknown quantity, so you don’t know if you will wish you had done something differently and have regrets or not.

This week I have worked with a number of new clients who hate their job/career. It is not uncommon for them to feel depressed and sometimes they cry in the session because they are so fed up of feeling fed up.

It is not surprising is it? As a metaphor, it is a bit like a plant trying to grow without any sunshine and in the wrong environment for it to thrive.

When we first start working together, we do a session in two hours which helps them to identify what motivates them and what is important to them (their values). They quickly see that their job or career is not giving them these things. You can see the light bulb go on. Sometimes moving department or company can make all the difference, but for many changing career is what they choose to do.

Career change is a big decision so we tackle it thoroughly, strategically and practically.

Who do you know who is wondering ‘What if?’ It is never too late to change track, get on the right path and have more career fulfillment.  Summer is a great time to do the career change programme when the pace of life and work is a little less frenetic.

Here are a couple of examples of career change:




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