Mind the gap

Man on type rope above city stress

Do you find career change daunting? 

Many people want to make a career change, but choose to stay put instead. With an uncertain economic situation and with perceived security, this is a common choice. But at what cost?

Sitting on a fence for too long gets a bit sore.

Many people will happily buy 2 coffees a day or eat out three times a week, or buy clothes and shoes, the money for which over a year would fund a career coaching programme or a course to further their skills. We call this unconscious eating, drinking, shopping habits; ‘filling a gap’. Sound familiar?

Better to mind the gap than fill it.

This week during a coaching session with a client their fear about career change was palpable. Our client was clear about where they wanted to go, they had an impactful CV, and are extremely marketable. But they were in the void.

What is the void?

It is a place of ‘not-knowing’ and not knowing is scary and unfamiliar.

You have gone beyond where you have been in your career but not yet reached where you are going to be, and you don’t know how you are going to get there. People who have only worked in one company or type of work feel this especially strongly.

At this point in the process, common questions and themes are:

– How do ask for introductions?

– How do I get on the radar of headhunters?

– My network is very narrow, how do I build it when I am busy at work?

– How will I make the right decision?

– There is so much competition, how can I stand out?

We help our clients with these topics and a lot more, including creating a career strategy and plan and being a ‘Sherpa’ to help them get to their summit.

For those of you reading this, what are you doing to do this week to move your career in the direction you want it to go?

One action would be to set up a savings account to invest in your career, skills and knowledge. Even a small amount e.g. £5/week adds up over time.

In future, people will need a higher level of skill to secure the job they want, take responsibility for their own career, rather than leave it to their employer and to market themselves.

Be one of the wise ones.

Don’t wait for the end of the downturn to start creating your future.

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