Career change – an obstacle course?

Obstacle course 2 (2)Making a change in your career always feels daunting, let alone in a downturn with lots of uncertainty about.

You can choose to do nothing or do something.

I remember once laying out an obstacle course on the floor with a client, Duncan Goose who worked in advertising, with each obstacle representing a challenge to overcome.

They went on to win a Greatest Briton award and provide the water at Bob Geldof’s Live8.

Just imagine how many people wouldn’t have had fresh water in their village if they had given up at the first hurdle!

This is their story:

Here are four more examples of clients who have taken action and are now smiling and very glad they did!

Ever been at a life AND work crossroads at the same time?

Read Kam’s story:

Has a career change ever seemed insurmountable?

Read about Kerry’s successful transition from the public to private sector.

Do you think getting a dream job is a pipe dream?

Read how Emily achieved her dream job:

Worried about changing jobs in case it doesn’t work out?

Read how Hemal tackled this:

What most scares you about career change and what one action would get you moving forwards?

Read this blog about career change fears:

Read this blog about feeling stuck:

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