Are you at the end of your tether?

We are finding stress on the up with people at work, and with the heat and pressure of uncertainty, it can be wise to make a move elsewhere.

There are many reasons for changing career for something better; here is a compilation from the various people we have worked with.

  1. Redundancy
  2. Early retirement
  3. Need to fund retirement
  4. Dislike of politics
  5. No career progression prospects
  6. Fed up of doing more for less
  7. Desire for variety
  8. Partner moves job/location
  9. Shrinking prospects
  10. Sacked
  11. Hunger for broader/more diverse role
  12. Boss staying put so prospects blocked
  13. Kid on the way – need more money
  14. Young family – need a pay rise to support
  15. Increased competition
  16. Fancy a change
  17. Desire to focus work on what enjoy
  18. Want to line own pockets from effort put in
  19. Changing values over time
  20. Need more money
  21. Want more satisfaction from work
  22. Burning ambition to have own business
  23. Feel bored
  24. A merger
  25. Divorce
  26. Partner made redundant – need the money
  27. A big birthday – catalyst for change
  28. A change of boss
  29. Your role changes without you having a say
  30. You need/want more flexible work
  31. Having kids – need more flexibility
  32. Company moves their office base too far away from your home e.g. BBC
  33. You see someone making a successful career change so think that you can too
  34. Someone dies who you are close to and it makes you revaluate
  35. You inherit some money which gives you choice
  36. Your children leave home freeing you up

Which can you relate to? If you are at a career crossroads or know someone who is, our Energise bulletins provide free insights and tips to help you when changing career:

What do our clients think?

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