Asking your clients for referrals Part 2

Here is the second of 2 parts of a blog sharing tips on asking your clients for referrals. What tips would you add?

  1. Do a feedback questionnaire at the end of each project including prompting for referrals
  2. Choose your moment – when your client is especially happy with the work you are doing is a great time to ask
  3. Nurture your clients e.g. send them useful articles so that your request is part of regular communication, not out of the blue
  4. Have a clear niche, personal brand and verbal business card – this helps your clients to feel clear and articulate what you do and why you are good on your behalf
  5. Use LinkedIn – it is a great and efficient way to see who your clients know and ask them to introduce you quickly and easily
  6. Make time once a month to analyse the source of your work and plan the next month
  7. Thank your clients for referrals – e.g. send them a card or buy them lunch
  8. Get yourself into a resourceful state before picking up the phone – name how you want to feel e.g. confident and access a memory when you had this resource
  9. Picture a successful outcome, a proven technique used in sport
  10. Ask the advice of someone who is skilled at getting more work through existing clients for tips – this could also remind them to ask their clients for referrals for you too.

Which tips do you think are the most important ones? What would you say are the top 3 from this post, part 2 and

part 1?:

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