Feeling Stuck?

I was scanning the best sellers list in a book shop over Easter and noticed 2 books in the top 15 about being stuck and what to do about it. The phrase feeling stuck appears 36 million times in Google search.

Feeling stuck is not something people talk about, is it? Especially the government or CEO of a company. It is a fascinating topic affecting many areas, relationships, career, projects etc.

Often feeling stuck is caused by something we are not even aware of, e.g. resistance caused by a fear so it is hard to put your finger on it and do something about it. Try saying that to your boss when you are procrastinating.

With so much uncertainty about, one of the worst things to do when feeling stuck is stick your head in the sand and hope it will go away. Occasionally around the corner, there is a magic solution and it is best to take no action, but this is rare.

Here are 3 tips to help you become unstuck:

  1. Have a ‘stuckness audit’ with yourself, for a project or your company to identify the ‘don’t knows’
  2. Identify the consequence of staying stuck and taking no action and the benefit of taking action
  3. Check in with yourself regularly and make time to ask yourself a self-reflective question e.g. What’s the resistance about?

For a full article about becoming unstuck, e mail rachel@liberateyourtalent.com

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