Pondering Becoming Self-Employed? Part 2.

Here is part 2 – more top tips to help you from  members of The Chartered Institute of Marketing. (CIM)

“I would focus on the vision and proposition of your business first and then optimize your network, and use your contacts to get referrals/introductions, generate word of mouth and help create awareness and interest in your business. You should never underestimate the power of networking as a marketing tool.”

“Do not venture out on your own if you don’t have active customers/clients in hand and then build from there. For a small start up, word of mouth marketing is probably the soundest way to go.”

 “Work out what knowledge you have that a group of people (your potential customers) are willing to pay for, collate contact data on the group so you can reach them, and then ask them how they would like to hear about what you have to offer.  The above is much harder than it sounds. Bernadette Doyle of Client Magnets has excellent advice on how to do this http://clientmagnets.com/ She has helped me enormously over the last couple of years.”

“Develop a thick skin too. That need not be as painful as it sounds. Also, obtain testimonials – be direct and ask for them if necessary – particularly if you’re offering a service and if that service is yourself!”

“Very few people get the success right first time but if you do a bit of research into what you think are your segments, talk to key stakeholders in those markets, create a ‘niche’ for yourself and do a 2-3 year marketing plan as identified above covering – external environment P.E.S.T.E.L., the specific market you are going to be trading in, your products/services, S.W.O.T. analysis, are you going to have the capital to sustain the business given the difficult economic challenges you face and a contingency plan if things start to go pear-shape? It’s not easy to go out there and crack it but you really need to ‘market’ yourself and your products well. Get out and talk to people, network, fish around in the small ponds to get known and established. Most of all, believe in yourself and your products – even when things don’t seem to be going right!”

“Be creative, follow your instincts and have fun with it. You are allowed. Everything else is a process and sensible.”

“You can sub-contract much of the marketing – even get people to help you with strategy.”

“The one thing you MUST DO yourself is take total responsibility for SALES.
It doesn’t matter if you employ a sales manager (or even director) get good at sales.”

 “The hardest thing is to employ yourself, anticipate the staff you will need and start setting out the culture of your organisation drawing up job & people specifications as you are actually doing the job.“

“BRAND the business. Plan it based on future expectations.”

 Source = Chartered Institute of Marketing LinkedIn group January 2012

 Here are some client examples of people who we have helped become self- employed.

 Becoming self-employed as a working mum:


 Evolving a business with changing market conditions:


 Turning a passion into a business:


 Self-employment in your 50s:


 Why are we useful to help people become self-employed?

  • Background in marketing, brand strategy and communication; design, innovation and advertising
  • Helping people to ‘blow their own trumpet’ is a specality  – we have published articles and done events on this topic
  • Good at coming up with insights and ideas to help you achieve results fast
  • We have been self employed for 14 years including doing contracts, freelance and marketing a service
  • Certified coach so help you focus and overcome actual and perceived blocks
  • Lots of practical tools and tips giving you more for your investment; 60 articles, 40 career guides and Energise bulletins on Self Promotion, Career Strategies and Smart living and working topics
  • Great connector of people and resources to save you time
  • Energise ‘Marketing what I do’ on-line prgramme, e mail us for details:


 Click here for details of our service setting up your own business:




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