What Is Your Fear About Career Change?

Change, especially big change like career change can feel a bit scary. Whether it is getting a new job after redundancy, starting a business or changing direction, it is natural to feel fear. Fear about the future and fear about the unknown  are common. The key is to know your fears and work out how to tackle them so that you can move forward.

Here are 20 common fears about career change – which do you relate to most?

Not being known – having to re-establish your reputation

Losing status

Going to the bottom of the ladder and having to climb up again from the bottom rung

Not knowing how/where to find out about a new work area

Convincing employers in new area that have transferable skills

Losing financial security

Discomfort at having to get to know people and understand new politics 

Dislike of change and uncertainty

Discomfort from being out of comfort zone

Not having a buddy to chat/lunch/gossip with

Stress of having to get up to speed with a new computer system

Actual/perceived pressure of having to prove worth/higher salary/promotion 

Being liked/feeling good enough in a new environment

Worry about making the wrong decision and regretting moving

Risking joining a company which might make you redundant, losing redundancy rights built up over a number of years’ employment 

Being overqualified

Being under qualified

Experiencing ageism

Worry that there will be a stigma about being unemployed/being made redundant 

Having to market yourself 

Fear about the future and fear of the unknown are common. If you want or need to create a change in your career but feel daunted, why not give me a call? 0845 22 55 010 or to download a free report about pain free career change, click on this link:   




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