What’s Your Best Strength?

You’re blushing. What are you like! It’s ok to blow your own trumpet occasionally, it doesn’t mean you have an ego the size of Donald Trump. Us Brits are far too modest for our own good, it is important to  acknowledge yourself.

There is a lot to be said for doing work that plays to your strengths. One of my best strengths is spotting insights,  making connections and coming up with ideas. Just as well I’m in the right job then, isn’t it, as a career coach?

 I remember doing a course once and we all had to share something we were brilliant at. One person chose flirting. We had to ask each other questions about how we did what we were good at.  Very interesting exercise!

What are you really good at? Download our free report and find out:



About Energise - The Talent Liberation Company

Talent liberator - career change, executive coaching and employee engagement. PS Love writing too and write many articles. Background in marketing and brand strategy and communication and unusual analytical and lateral brain - great for new career directions and ideas!
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