Tweet Tweet!

I did a session explaining social media recently. Here’s my layman’s explanation of how Twitter works: I follow you so you will follow me.  I thank you for following me. I retweet your tweets in the hope that you’ll retweet mine so I get more followers. I suggest my followers follow you if you support me, especially on a Friday. Still with me?

I share my miscellaneous thoughts as ‘tweets.’  These are the random thoughts occupying my headspace in the hope that you will spread them around the world virally and a celebrity will become my Twitter friend. The 140 characters tweet limit stops me from being verbose and boring the pants off you. I hope that by not selling, we will have a connection and it will lead to business, but subtly.  You can de-follow me at any time but I won’t know, so my ego is undented. Feeling fog free now about how Twitter works?

I wonder if people will start speaking in 140 character sound bites? Parents of teenagers might say that is already the case.  Could save a lot of time and increase productivity. Twitter enables you to connect with anyone, is free and if managed is a great tool and is the modern way to connect and get a job. 

If you would like to understand more how Twitter works,  click on this link:

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