My Brain Is Exploding


My brain feels like it is either going to explode or implode. Why? Social media overload. Last week I read that half of companies have banned their employees from using Twitter. They think their employees are whiling away the hours on the company’s time leaking profit tweeting and posting on Facebook.  Maybe they are right. Are you? Managing social media is a hot topic.

Managing social media has creating new furrows in my brow, and there were too many already.  I have a love hate relationship with social media. I am a bit worried that both my head and my computer will explode as my Twitter followers grow and my Linked In connections increase. I am going to buy a mop. I love variety and new things so a messy grey matter explosion is a real possibility.  I have actually deleted some ‘friends; on Facebook to delay the explosion.  How am I going to find time to blog for you too??

I wonder if in future you will be able to book a minor operation to have some more brain megabytes added to cope with the exponential growth of social media. Managing social media is essential to stay sane. I worry about what impact social media has on communication, connection and happiness.   That topic is far too serious for a blog though. 

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