What Is Fair At Work?

What is fair at work and who decides? I predict that fairness is going to be a burning topic this year and it will feel like the City are walking on hot coals at times. It has always been a topic bubbling under the surface but the volcano is about to erupt.  Recruitment is growing in the financial sector, which is great news.  

Fairness is and will be a source of strikes, discussion and argument. Companies need to give good rewards to attract the best talent, but bonuses in the city enrage people losing their jobs. Is it fair that teachers and nurses get paid low wages when their role is so important to the health and prosperity of our country? No. What is ‘enough’ and who is responsible for deciding?

 Is it fair that companies fund working women having time off to have kids? Is it fair that women get penalised with higher unemployment by doing the majority of child care, creating the perception that they are less reliable then men, because they are the ones who pick up the pieces when the kids are ill? Who decides how to carve up the cake? Like food in the world, there is enough money to go around, it is just unequally distributed,   

Answers and thoughts on a postcard, by carrier pigeon or the modern way a blog post to ….  

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