Are You A Pushover?


I was amused to read that Pizza Express are helping their staff with training from a ‘conversational flirt expert, so customers are comfortable and relaxed. I feel comfortable and relaxed with a big glass of wine, good company and carbohydrate in my stomach. ’ I shall be extra vigilant next time I do there to see what they do, and I hope that the brand experience isn’t like that TGI Fridays Catherine Tate sketch, otherwise the only thing I will be ordering is a chat with the manager.  

I don’t know about you, but I hate being sold to. Anyone who sells to me gets short thrift. They get the “I don’t take cold sales calls” or “I am on TPS (telephone preference service), you shouldn’t be calling me. ” And if they don’t have the courtesy to check if it is a good time to speak, well. I’ll get off my soapbox now!

I am someone who thinks a lot, thinks ahead, does research and knows her own mind. If I want advice, I’ll choose to ask for it from people I know and trust. There is nothing worse than a customer care person schmoozing me and then they switch into selling mode. Really manipulative, really yuck. No thanks. There is a big difference between a genuine building of rapport and one with an agenda 

I am not going to sell to you. Here’s something free since we are in a downturn. Happy Christmas (nearly)

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