Need Inspiration for Xmas Gifts??

As I know how busy you are, I got my virtual PA to dig out some ideas for imaginative Christmas gifts for your delectation. Here’s the best of the bunch:

Protect your delicate bananas, but please note that they only work with non-EU certified i.e. ‘bent’ bananas.

Banana guards

Make an unforgettable impression at the office Christmas party

Inflatable turkey suit

Keep your hamsters fit – an alternative to the wheel for daily exercise

Hamster bikes

Multi task – play golf while on the loo

Toilet golf

Never have your memory stick mistaken for someone else’s again

Sushi memory sticks

I don’t know about you, but it is good to have a laugh, especially with the news often so sombre. If you find these ideas a bit cheesy and would rather buy a gift that gives more than a few minutes, hours or days of fun, our career change e course makes a thoughtful and practical gift giving rewards that last a lifetime. You can download one section a month over 10 months and pay as you go. Click on this link for more information:


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