Have You Got A Screw Loose?

I found one loose screw at the weekend, not just a small one either, it was huge. I had friends staying, the sofa bed was in use, and there it was on the carpet the next morning winking at me. Is this a sign, do I have a screw loose? Or was it presenting itself as a gift so I need to put it back somewhere, otherwise a piece of furniture will dramatically collapse in a heap unexpectedly? But if this is the case, how do I know where the screw’s home is? Maybe it’s from a flat-pack and they put one spare screw or nail in just to keep you on your toes, so you finish the job properly?

How do I know when a sign is a sign or when it’s just a coincidence? I wish I didn’t think so much and was a village idiot, life would be so much simpler. Am I being too analytical? OMG! Personal development and self-awareness is like Pandora’s box and that Pandora has got alot to answer for! 

My handyman has made a career out of preventing loose screws. He left the inside of corporate life for the inside of IKEA. He specialises in creating furniture from flat packs and achieves in minutes what would take me hours, and quite possibly years. I bet he never has any loose screws, and if he does, he puts them in his took-kit and puts them to good use. What natural talents do you have that you could put to good use and make a career out of?

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